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Guild Story and Rules


In the beginning we were merely a small group of travelers. Banding together to stay safe from the formidable environment. However as the dragon's power grew once again, we decided to take up arms to defend others from the coming evils. We began to steal supplies from rebels and opposing factions. We stole steel to forge our army. And in such the Brotherhood of Stolen Steel was born and legends began to flow from within it.

        The Brotherhood of Stolen Steel is an organized and eventful guild on the Gate of Madness Guild Wars 2 server. We are a PvX guild with our main focus on our players and what they want from the guild, we use open lines of communication to schedule events in the game from questing and exploring together to dungeons and group PvP/WvW. [BOSS] has all the expected guild amenities that any great guild would be able to provide to it's members. While participation in events is truly preferred it is not mandatory with the exception of Saturday nights (Saturday night I ask all whom are online to participate in our WvW. Only one night a week where the WvW is manditory for all BOSS). Here within the ranks of [BOSS] we understand that there is life beyond Guild Wars 2. However for those that do participate in scheduled events throughout the week special rewards await. Once a member of the Brotherhood help will be availiable to you, however you must ask for it to receive it. It is our senior officers duty to help teach, level, and grow the guild (as it should be with any successful guild).

Guild Highlights

  • ​An active growing guild
  • TeamSpeak 3 Service provided
  • Full website provided
  • Weekly events in PvE and WvW
  • Always someone online
  • Incentives for recruiting and helping others
  • Receive help when you ask for it as you need it


        The ranks hierarchy is an important function within the guild. The higher officer ranks will be assigned special privileges as well as specific responsibilities to help keep the guild organized and fun. [BOSS] is always looking for motivated members to take the reigns of leadership and help steer the guild down the path of glory.
The ranks are as follows with a description of what it takes to earn the rank. Legionnaire and above are Officer ranks:

M I A :                Players who have been offline for some time
Exiled :                A rank with no guild permissions
Initiate :               A trial period for the player
Slayer :                The membership status awarded from completing the trial
Crusader :            Earned based off time spent with the guild! (Veteran Membership)
Assassin :             Players whom are Veteran Members that WvW with BOSS on a regular basis   
 :        Merit based officer position (How helpful you are to others and participation)
Death Dealer :      A rank earned by taking a vow to defend and stay loyal to Boss commanders in WvW whenever needed.
Overlord :            Earned via Merit and a vote of confidence from lesser ranks, or appointed by the Boss of [BOSS]. 

Note: For each rank earned special guild permitions are given as well as a golden bonus to the person

The Rules

Breaking of the following rules at any time could be grounds for removal!
  • Thou shall not steal from [BOSS]
  • Thou shall respect all other members of the Brotherhood
  • Thou shall not beg
  • Thou shall act mature in nature (do not spam chat, be respectful to others gender, race, religion, and region)
  • Thou shall not ignore guild chat, exspecially greeting others and questions!
  • Thou shall not troll chat channels 
  • Thou shall represent [BOSS] to the best of their abilities
  • Thou shall deter from ecessive use of vulgarities
  • Thou shall help others in need as time permits
  • Thou shall be rewarded for joining Brotherhood of Stolen Steel
  • Thou shall represent the guild 100% of  the time. 
We in the Brotherhood would greatly appriciate it if you would help us by representing the guild. It benifits both parties in the scenario as you can ask us for help with any events or dungeons and will also allow you access to the guild bank and any guild boost currently running, and helps the guild to get influence to buy more boost and upgrades. Being in a guild and not representing really has no value to either of us. 


Once you apply the rest of the website will become viewable!
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